The People Now

Vision Statement

SQILXW APNA Society’s philosophy is based upon the principles of empowering Indigenous Ways of Knowing.

Mission Statement

To maintain RESPONSIBILITY to ourselves, our cultures, our ancestors, our teachings and our future generations

To RECOGNIZE and of the importance of Indigenous Peoples’ real situations and to value and valorize Indigenous realities as meaningful.

These inform and guide principles and purpose of our Society.

Our Principles Thereby being:

Relationships, Respect,Responsibility, Reciprocity, Reverence,Recognition, Reclaiming, Reconnecting

How we will put the above into action:

By Empowering Indigenous children, parents, family, community, with concerns for addressing themes and concerns relevant to social transformation.

We value our Indigenous inter-connections to place, to territory, to customary lands, in order to protect the innovation process, to keep from being isolation….


To strengthen Indigenous families capacity to engage deeper issues on sustainability from an Indigenous perspective.  This would involve holism and holistic approaches to repairing, healing and strengthening the whole human being and involve efforts taken to reconnect the human being in the web of life from an approach that honors both the individual and the collective. Where each is encouraged and supported to develop their unique gifts and strengths in a supportive environment.

Projects & Programs & Mission

Indigenous Education
Indigenous Traditional Ecology & Earth honouring practices
Sustainable relationships.

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