Sqilxw Apna: The People Now


A signature Salishan Sturgeon Nose Canoe was stitched and tattooed near N’sis’ooloxw at Head of the Big (Okanagan) lake

This canoe is the first Salishan Sturgeon Nose Canoe since the 1800’s in the North Okanagan/Shuswap region representing Plateau Artists from each part of the territory Nlaka’pamux, Secwepemc,Syilx,Sinixt and Spokane featuring tattooing by Dion Kazas who mentored Florence Fred, on a signature Shawn Brigman ballistic nylon sturgeon nose canoe, Indian hemp rope ties by Ruby Alexis and observed and stitched by youth Raymond Alexis and elder master dug out canoe carvers Gerry and Mervin Louis and other members of the Okanagan Indian Band community funded by the First Peoples Cultural Council

In a performed happening Spe’pu c’nEarth Diver brings up a canoe, Mariel tells a story of how this Dream was made real

“I had this dream one time of a woman in a canoe, her whole life existed in harmony with the trees. She made things like these appear. Like her I saw myself there on the water in that canoe too”

for exhibition inquiries please email contact@sqilxw.com

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